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This is Giles.

Giles works in our Home Office, which is where we make sure that all our distribution centres and retail stores have everything they need to provide exceptional value to our customers. He enjoys his co-workers, finds challenge in his job, and brings a sense of professionalism to everything he does.

Except for eating lunch. Giles has a very unprofessional habit of turning his tuna sandwich into a hockey-crazed puppet. But that’s okay, because frankly, it’s hilarious.

This is Giles.
He is one of us.

This is Grace.

Grace works in one of our Distribution Centres, where she helps get the right products to the right stores at the right time. Our Distribution Centres require a certain knack for problem solving, and Grace has those skills in abundance.

She also has an abundance of knock-knock jokes at the ready at all times.

But we try not to hold that against her.

This is Grace.
She is one of us.

This is Penelope.

Penelope works in one of our Retail Stores, which is where we deliver top-quality, brand name goods at prices significantly less than the market. Penelope is friendly to all of our customers, supports the efforts of all her team members, and moves through her day with integrity and respect. She is exactly the kind of person who you love to see coming around the corner.

Except when it’s an election year.

Then she gets so talkative she’s more like that cousin we all avoid at family parties.

But still, this is Penelope.
She is one of us.

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